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Tastings, seminars, mixing demos, speed competitions and more!

Canadian Professional Bartenders Association (CPBA) will be providing educational and engaging networking opportunities to all attendees at CONNECT. This will be one of the most popular areas of the Show – not just because of the samples, but also because of the learning that will take place!

October 18 & 19

11:00 am – 5:00 pm – CPBA Meet & Greet Info Table

Learn the importance of why Bartenders and hospitality staff should get involved in the local bar community. The BC Chapter Executive Team will be onsite both days.

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11:30 – Small City Cocktail Culture
1:00 pm – Challenging Yourself to Be a Better Bartender
2:30 pm – 4:30 pm – Luxardo Black Box Cocktail Competition

11:00 am – The Red Tape of Creating a Bar Program
12:30 pm – The (Almost) “Complete” History of Everything… Kinda
2:00 pm – 4:00 pm – Barate Kid Season 2 Preview Qualifier

11:30 am
Small City Cocktail Culture
Presenter: Shawn Soole

Creating a cocktail culture in a city of any size takes more than talented bartenders, great products and a manicured list. This seminar will show the steps on how to create from the ground up.

1:00 pm
Challenging Yourself to Be a Better Bartender
Presenters: Jon Smolensky, Cooper Tardivel

Choosing bartending as your occupation goes far beyond being a mixologist. Although cocktails and spirits are what bartenders purvey across the wood, a bartender is, first and foremost, a host/hostess. After all, good service makes drinks taste better. And if the name of the game is to have a full bar, guest experience is paramount to making sure your establishment survives long term. Everything from ambiance, music and rapport with your teammates adds to this guest experience. Join Cooper Tardivel and Jon Smolensky as they walk you through some of the tricks of the trade – and challenge you to be a better bartender.

2:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Luxardo Black Box Cocktail Competition

Eight Bartenders will each have 15 minutes to use a surprise Luxardo liqueur using only ingredients they can forage from the CONNECT Show room floor. Once their liqueur is revealed, they will have 15 minutes to forage, create and present their cocktail to the three CPBA judges.

11:00 am
The Red Tape of Creating a Bar Program
Presenter: Trevor Kallies, Lauren Mote

Creating a cocktail program is more than just devising fancy drinks and choosing a back bar. Bars have partnerships and they have budgets. Ingredients cost money, and garnish can be expensive. The product you just cannot live without may only be useful in one drink – and you have an inventory budget. You have a manager, an owner, customers may have different desires than what your menu offers – you work in the house of yes. Lauren Mote, Trevor Kallies and a panel of experts will take you through the process of developing a program that works, makes you proud and creates customer loyalty.

12:30-1:30 pm
The (Almost) “Complete” History of Everything… Kinda
Presenter: Alex Black

A very succinct overview of the history of the world as told through the items in our glass. Seminar topics will range from theories suggesting that the shift away from our nomadic lifestyles centuries ago was due to alcohol production, how the rum renaissance helped fuel both the slave trade and the development of the Americas, and right up to recent events that have shaped the fabric of our culture. The talk will cover A LOT of ground, but will be paired with well-constructed visual aids throughout the presentation and plenty of humor. Sample cocktails handed out throughout seminar will pair with topics discussed.

2:00 pm – 4:30 pm
Barate Kid Season 2 Preview Qualifier

Barate Kid is the most exciting cocktail tournament out there. Head to Head speed cocktail heats where the quality of the cocktails matter as much as the speed of which they’re made. One fast bartender will win the opportunity to compete in the finals of Barate Kid Season 2 giving them a shot at $5000 and Barate Kid bragging rights.